Our Missions

Temple of Victory exists to help people know God personally, find freedom from their past through the power of meaningful relationship, discover their purpose through servanthood while growing in their ability to lead others. We stand on these principles and believe we will help our members to discover God’s core promises of salvation, freedom, redemption and ultimately, fulfillment for themselves.

We are driven to make a difference in the lives of all people that would seek a true and authentic relationship with God through the belief that his son, Jesus Christ, died & rose again so that all may live eternally. We believe that a church is not just a place for people to gather on a Sunday, but it is a living, breathing organism. A community that operates every single day, of every week


Our Values

Jesus Is Our Way

Jesus is the living expression of God the Father and perfectly modeled for us how we should live, love, and lead. We know that living a life modeled after Jesus begins with knowing Him and loving Him, so we make it our first aim to grow in intimacy with Him. Now, after receiving new life in Christ, we look to His life, as accounted in Scripture, to guide, teach, and inspire us towards intimacy with the Father, holiness, seeking out the lost, and influence in the earth.

People Are Our Calling

Jesus’ life was spent seeking out the lost, listening to the broken, and spending time with those considered unlike Him. Therefore, as people following after Jesus, relationships are our priority and we understand that being called to people means we are called beyond comfort to pursue those who don’t know God and don’t think or act like us. We have a passion to see people connected back to the Father because we know that’s where life and fulfillment are found. Guided by this passion, everything we do exists to serve, love, and lead people to Jesus.

Love Is Our Reason

The love of God, which we’ve received, is our reason for everything we do; from serving others to the things we are driven to achieve. Acceptance does not drive our behaviors, love does. Duty does not drive our decisions, love does. Love is our reason because God partners with the presence of His love in us to reach the world, so we live motivated by this love with a passion to see the lives of people in our communities transformed and redeemed by Jesus. Therefore, the love of God also leads us beyond our comfort and empowers us to pursue forgiveness……….

Generosity Is Our Joy

Out of thankfulness to God for the generosity He has shown us, we respond with our first and our best. Being generous with our first and our best overflows into joy because giving in the Kingdom only leads to gain and activates God’s vision for growth in our lives. We live from the revelation that any blessing we’ve received was never intended to end with us, but to be poured back out for the benefit of reaching others with His love. This is why we respond with our first and our best by tithing……….

People Are Our Calling

Excellence communicates care and creates comfort, which cultivates an atmosphere of openness. Everything we do, we do with excellence because we know that when distractions are removed and hearts are open, the Holy Spirit has more freedom to move in miraculous ways and that is what we long to see. We serve excellently on Sundays because it prepares peoples’ hearts to connect with God. We host our neighborhood groups excellently because freedom is available when people are able to be open about what’s really going on. We operate in our workplaces, relationships, and all other areas of life excellently because we now represent Jesus’ life to an onlooking world and want to soften hearts to His love.